As many strong and successful businesses, Onego takes an utmost care and pays lot’s of attention to its brand identity and image. Therefore we decided to share this important information timely to alert our customers and partners.

We have learned that there are several fraudulent entities using Onego name illegally on the international and local Russian markets, selling nonexistent tank storage in Rotterdam tank farms and allegedly providing other “services”. Please note that our company has absolutely nothing to do with these entities. Any reference to our brand name, logo, information and mentioning of our employees in their correspondence is fraudulent, is considered a corporate identity theft and against the law. Please be very careful who you deal with as we are and will not bare any responsibility for unlawful actions of the third parties. We are taking steps to prevent these activities, however it might take some time before these parties are fully inoperable.

Identity theft is a crime that affects millions of people and costs billions dollars to the economy every year. Identity theft impacts many consumers around the world however, consumers are no longer the only targets of identity thieves. Companies worldwide become a victim to ID theft more often than ever.

Corporate identity theft: a new realm in risk management